Central air conditioning end fitting expansion tank

Time:2019-09-17 01:47:15

First understand the several functions of the expansion tank:

Role one

Expansion tank

Related to the thermal expansion and contraction of water in the system...

It is well known that the volume of water will expand and expand...

The volume will be reduced by the cold volume...

That problem is coming...

Where is the system punching bag at this time?

If the water expands like this, it won’t swell the water pipe.

Because the volume of the entire closed system water is constant

The expansion tank is the outlet cylinder

The volume of water has expanded

Excess water will overflow through the expansion tank...

Reduced volume of expansion tank backup water source

The water will be automatically replenished by the gravity of the water...

Role two

The expansion tank also has the function of replenishing the system and stabilizing the system pressure.

If the system leaks or repairs, the water volume is partially reduced.

The expansion tank is the best automatic water supply device...

The expansion tank is generally placed at a higher point than the highest point of the system.

The change in water level is basically negligible

So it has the function of stabilizing the pressure of the entire system.

The installation height of the expansion tank should be at least higher than the system

The highest point is 0.5m (usually 1.0 to 1.5m)

Role three

The expansion tank acts as the highest point of the system and is in direct communication with the atmosphere

Therefore, the expansion tank also has a certain system exhaust function.

The water pipes of the expansion tank are generally connected to

System return pipe or water collector

That is, the water inlet of the pump

Volume calculation formula

For ordinary high-rise civil buildings

If based on the system design cooling load Qo

The unit water capacity of the system is approximately 2 to 3 liters / kW

How many kilowatts is the cooling capacity of the mainframe?

Just put it in this way

When using a dual control system

If the minimum working temperature for taking water is 7 °C,

Maximum operating temperature is 65 ° C

The effective expansion volume V of the expansion tank,

A simplified estimation method can be used to calculate:

V=0.006×(65-7)×(2~3)Qo=(0.07~0.1)Qo (liter)